Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 8 and 9

In the chapter "The Madness of David Shayler," Ronson starts by describing the story of Rachel North.  North was on the Tube in London the day of the July 7th attacks.  She was badly injured but not nearly as badly as many others.  She immediately went home and blogged about the terrible event and later went on to start a support group for the other people who had been involved.  Sometime later the conspiracy group that has made accusations about 9/11 went on to make suggestions that the train had not actually went bombed.  They went further and said that Rachel North was not actually a real person and was actually a probe being used by the government to make other people believe the governments story of what happened that day.  We find out that this group is being led by David Shayler, who had formerly fled the country because he went against the government. Ronson had an interview with him and ended up getting very angry at him because of the terrible things we was saying about a tragic event.  Shayler got a ton of media attention when he started claiming that the airplane flying into the towers in New York, wasn't actually an airplane.  It was a missile and a hologram planted by the government.  He lost media attention when he later went on to claim he was the Messiah which supports the fact that you have to be the right kind of crazy to grab peoples attention.

These chapters discussed many tragedies that have occurred in society in somewhat recent years.  Chapter 8 really opened my eyes to how serious people were about thinking that September 11th was conducted by the government.  I personally think these people are crazy.  I also thought it was interesting that this section provided more support/examples of how people are entertained by the "right kind of crazy." I also was glad that in chapter 9 Ronson realized he was using the psychopath test too often.  Not everyone who shows one bad quality at one point in time is a psychopath!

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