Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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What should the minimum punishment be for receiving a DUI and should this be enacted after the first offense?

I would really like to and be interested in studying if any states have strict minimal punishments laid out for drunk driving.  Driving under the influence is something that I have personally seen the negative effects of, and despite the efforts to make the negative effects more publicized, I think that there needs to be a law put in place that does more than give a ticket to someone who is driving under the influence.  I think I would start by looking up which, if any, states have strict and well known laws regarding this topic.  Then I would research any statistics that show if having strict policies lower the amount of DUI's or frequency of them.  I could also start by looking at how many accidents and/or fatalities there are yearly that involved a drunk driver.  I think that I will be able to give statistics that show just how dangerous it is to have drunk drivers on the road and how serious of a situation it is.  I also think that I will find information, even if it is statistics from another country, showing that having stricter punishments in line that people know straight forward, will lower the amount of drunk driving accidents.  Questions that may arise are: how harsh of a punishment is too harsh? Should each case be looked at separately/can you group all of the perpetrators in one group and give them all the same minimum punishment? Should these laws be the same for all age groups?

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