Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapters 4 and 5:)

In the fourth chapter of Jon Ronson's book The Psychopath Test, Ronson further develops his knowledge of the characteristics of a psychopath.  He meets with Bob Hare, who studies psychopaths, and who came up with the psychopath checklist test.  Bob Hare describes many of his experiences with psychopaths.  One story he told explained how psychopaths don't feel pain.  Early on, Hare conducted a shock test, which was able to single out the psychopaths because they did not fear the shock that was coming to them, even after being shocked several times.  Hare also comes up with the psychopath checklist which was developed to be able to characterize and identify psychopaths.  Bob Hares teaches Ronson how to use and understand his test, and now Ronson will be able to use this and apply it to understanding Tony's situation.

Chapter 4 kind of freaked me out reading about the psychopath test.  I feel like many of the items on this list could be applied to many people in society, even if in a less serious case.  Chapter four made me realize that psychopaths may not be all that far away from regular people, which is kind of a scary thought.  I also found chapter 5 to be very interesting.  Toto was a very manipulative and at first was able to pretty easily fool Ronson into believing he was not a psychopaths.  The ability for psychopaths to make people believe them, even if it is not for long, is a very interesting and concerning thing.

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