Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 6 and 7

In chapter 7, it started out with Jon Ronson talking to a man named Adam Curtis.  They talked about how Jon Ronson was spending so much money and time inspecting Al Dunlap.  Adam Curtis said that Ronson is probably making Dunlap seem crazier than he actually is, "You take a little bit of craziness from up there, and a little bit of craziness from over there, and then you stitch it all back together." Ronson is kind of upset by this because Curtis was critiquing him, and also criticizes journalists and says that all they are doing is searching for "gems," crazy people.  This conversation makes Ronson rethink if Al Dunlap is actually crazy, but justifies that he is because any psychopath could score a zero on some parts of the psychopath checklist.  Next he talks to Charlotte Scott, who was an idealist who had tv shows about peoples many problems.  She talked about how her job dehumanized her to peoples problems and made her insensitive.  She had her own way of doing the Bob Hare checklist, she would ask what type of medication people were taking which would tell them if they were "just the right type of craziness." Ronson then told a story of a girl that went on Extreme Makeover.  Her whole family said on film that she was ugly and then the girl was cut from the show and no longer was going to become pretty.  It caused the family to have so many problems, and even resulted in an overdose and death

I thought that these two chapters were very interesting and kind of freaky.  They explored the type of psychopath that functions perfectly well in society and even runs important companies.  I also had never thought of reality television in the way that Ronson described it, and once he described it that way it fit perfectly.  Again these paragraphs shows how thin of a line there is between being sane and being insane.

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